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We are a  licensed distributor of the products of Stock Market College (Pty) Ltd, who is accredited with Bank-SETA. Students who successfully complete the course will be accredited. The course extensively covers an in depth theory with a practical approach to allow any consumer/client to understand how the JSE (Stock Market)  functions as well as how profit can be generated through trading on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange "JSE" creating a second income or an investment for retirement.

Clients are provided with a daily and/or weekly trade idea, technical assistance and trader query assistance. The trading platform can be used on multiple platforms such as PC, Cell Phone or through web access at any location during any time of the day. The trading platform has the following advanced tools and features:


About SMC

Stock Market College renders a service to clients, providing knowledge of the national and international economies, combined with knowledge on how to trade in financial markets. We educate, not only to uplift communities, but also to increase the participation and understanding of a growing economy.

 Why you should start a share portfolio 

When investors think about their trading habits on the stock market, they very rarely consider any single investment. They will more likely be concerned with a combination of them, all performing independently of one another to make up a successful, or less so, portfolio. An investment portfolio is a collection of all of an individual’s shares, both bad and good; and every smart investor should have one. Why should you start a share portfolio today? These reasons will show you exactly why you should be doing it as soon as possible.

Their vision

Stock  Market College  renders a service to clients, providing knowledge of the national and international economies, combined with knowledge on how to trade in financial markets.  We educate, not only to uplift communities, but also to increase the participation and understanding of a growing economy.

Their mission

Stock Market College’s mission is to provide quality, learning opportunities to all candidates wanting to educate themselves in the Stock Market. The aim is to produce independent students able to play a creative role in their community as well as in broader society. The teaching and learning is aimed at producing competent, knowledgeable and skilled students able to be economically active and to contribute to the workforce of the country, either through gainful employment or self-employment. This is achieved through an appropriate mix of theory and practice to ensure the application of theoretical concepts. It provides learning and job opportunity in a niche environment.


Forex is an over the counter market for trading currencies. It has the largest volume of trading in the world. The advantages of trading Forex is that it operates 24 hours a day (except weekends). Now, you can learn how to trade this lucrative currency on your own platform.

Many individuals have known to “get rich quick” with Forex – but this is not true. You will need fundamental knowledge that under pins your skill set within this lucrative industry. Stock Market College will enable you to do this – trade forex like a pro.


Stock Market College has an accredited learning program with BankSeta (480-171004) Applied Business Practice and offers the module Apply Financial Analysis – Unit Standard 15236 – for which a student, after being successfully assessed and moderated can receive a Certificate of Competence and awarded 4 credits. This module supports fundamental analysis, a key component in learning to trade the markets


Methods of Studies 

Our state-of-the-art software allows you to learn how to trade Forex– like a pro – when and where it’s convenient for you. However, should you require a bit more hands-on experience our team of qualified and experienced stock brokers are on hand in our Johannesburg premises to give you the practical experience you need. Stock Market College’s Forex trading course is designed and facilitated on a cutting edge learning system which educates you how to trade Forex on the stock market. The Software, which is included in your course has been specifically designed for our College so that you can learn the techniques to trade comfortably in an educated and effective way.

As an optional extra, we have professional stock brokers on our staff who will help you practice trading in the secure environment of our hi-tech College in Johannesburg. However, if you prefer learning online the platform is designed to enable a solid learning experience. Optional training days include hands on training on our Learning platform and trading software.

Their Modules 

  • Foreign Exchange Market
  • Currencies
  • Mechanics of Currencies
  • Psychology of Trading
  • Banks, hedge funds, Corporations
  • Short and intermediate-term trading

  • Technical currency analysis – basic to advanced
  • Currency Pairs
  • Applying Fundamental Analysis to report outcomes
  • Retail Sales
  • Industrial Production

    • Consumer Price Index
    • Interest rates
    • Trading Strategy
    • Risk Management
    • And lots more..!

      Benefits of the Course 

      • Learn what Forex Trading is
      • Benefits of Foreign exchange Trading
      • Learn all about different Currencies
      • Learn how to trade Forex from Beginners to Advanced
      • How to Trade Forex Online
      • Learn How Forex Markets Work




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