Helping Hand Invest (Pty) Ltd
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Helping Hand Invest (Pty) Ltd


–     SEO

–     Google AdWords

–     Web Design

–     Strategy Marketing

–     TV (advertising for television - including scriptwriting and video production)

–     Direct Marketing

–     Radio Adverts

–     Lead Generation

–     Copywriting



1. Assessment and Roadmap (R1500 once-off)

·        Assess current marketing

·        Explore needs and objectives

·        Compare with benchmark against others in the field

·        Make suggestions

·        Draw up a social media road map for the company to use going forward

·        PLUS the additional offer of in-house training at an extra R375 per hour

2. Basic Social Media Package (R1500 per month):

·        Locating relevant content to post on social media sites

·        Bi-weekly updates on four social media channels

3. Ad Influencer Marketing (R2250 per month)

·        Identify and liaise with blogs and microblogs

·        Publish blogs, inbound blogs, memes, & cross-share links to three networks once a week

·        A combined package which will include basic social media management

4. Ad Monthly Social Media Competition (R1875 per month):

·        Run a monthly competition on Facebook, Instagram, etc

·        Create the content, design work, post, choose winners, etc


5. Ad Facebook Advertising (R3300 per month for the first 2 months then R1500 per month after the first two months)

·        Boost audience

·        Promote web content

·        Brand awareness

·        New likes Facebook Ads

·        Buy clients

·        Create - R1125

·        SEOs - R2250

·        Videos - R375per hour

6. Self Build-A-Plan:

·        Allows you to build a plan and work according to the budget allocated for marketing


·        Integrated Marketing

·        Press Releases

·        Copywriting

·        Logos

·        Marketing Documents

·        PDFs

·        Email Signatures

·        Web Banners

·        Innovative Merchandise & Corporate Gifts

·        Google Friendly Wordpress Sites

·        Newsletters

·        SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

·        Social Media Strategy

·        Google AdWords