Helping Hand Invest 
Bot- and Investments trading as Helping Hand Invest has a national footprint in South Africa since 1991. We strive to deliver our professional services to the whole of South Africa and our main focus for our company is to open 10 branches across South Africa and we will then make a international footprint across 5 Country's of the world. We offer valuable advice to our clients and can assist with their asset & wealth management and all other financial needs. Helping Hand Invest is a diverse company, each department is equipped with staff that provides different skills and experiences. Each employee has their individual qualities that was measured by management to create a team for success. We thrive on success and love creating job opportunities for the perfect candidate that wants to build a career. We have in-house education and we also make use of external companies for higher qualifications and more knowledge. Not only are we a helping hand to our clients but we are also a helping hand for our staff and for non-profitable organisations.
 Business Profile - Our Business consist of 5 operating devisions: HHI Wealth, HHI Health, HHI Insure and HHI Global offerings 
By offering all the different devisions it allows us to give our clients a holistic, intergraded financial solution.  We currently have 4 Branches across South Africa. Head Office - Port Elizabeth, Financial Office: Cape Town 
Each of our devisions and offices has their own individual focus for the specific client.
Who we are - Helping Hand Invest delivers a broad range of financial products to our clients. Our aim and focus is our slogan - Profit beyond expectations. We always strive to assist our clients to achieve financial freedom. We have client relations officers to not only look after your financial needs but to ensure to build a relationship with all of our clients. 
What we do - We offer Holistic financial planning along with investments, health care, life insurance, Global offerings. One of our main goals is to become a one stop financial shop to ensure that we offer all financial products and assistance.
Our values -  We operate according to the law and have 12 principles of our own that we live by.  We value our clients and our staff. We will always maintain a professional image and deliver professional services.

Our vision - is to become one of the leading financial entities in South Africa and expand into a franchise that can deliver your every financial need. Finally we will indefinitely satisfy and assist every single one of our clients  and succeed in achieving PROFIT BEYOND EXPECTATIONS! 

Lets meet our team 

Our Team

Micheal Rathbone , CEO

Micheal Rathbone , CEO

Position Chief Executive Officer

About Micheal J Rathbone is the founder of our Company Helping Hand Invest. He is always available to assist the staff and the clients on all different aspects. He always believes in Helping others and giving direction.

Leon Lewitton, MD

Leon Lewitton, MD

Position Managing Director

About Leon Lewitton is our managing director. He is the person that is in charge of legal compliance and to ensure that the company is being managed according to the Law of South Africa and to maintain a international level of professionalism.


Helping Hand Invest - Profit Beyond Expectations!